Modern Films Return to Black and White


The Centinal

Ever since the release of Academy Award-winning The Artist in November of 2011, the existence of modern movies in black and white has become more noticeable, with the possibility of it even being able to be defined as a trend. Evidently, the film that won the Oscar for Best Picture last year was a silent film, but numerous filmmakers have made the decision to simply shoot their latest projects in black and white.

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Men’s Fashion: Buying the Right Watch – The Where And The How


CBS Atlanta

How to Buy: Though there are occasionally bargains and even great finds online, the prevalence of dodgy watches and dubious practitioners means your best bet is to go to an authorized dealer or retailer like Tourneau that’s licensed to sell multiple brands as well as its own. Come in with a budget, and if the watch you like is outside that budget, consider a few options that will help lower the price—a stainless-steel (or even leather) bracelet over white gold, a watch you wind over an automatic—or simply opt for a lesser-known brand that is still high quality. And don’t expect to do much negotiating. If you do happen to find a dealer who is willing to offer a discount, it’s rarely more than 5 or 10 percent. (Some brands, like Rolex and Cartier, don’t allow any leeway at all on their pricing.)

How to Sell: Don’t. Think of your…

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